When the Universe Knocks at Your Door

How Planets, Stars and Other Cosmic Objects
 Affect Our Daily Lives


Irina Mullins

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Table of Contents





Introduction and a Very Brief Review of the Solar System and the Universe 



Part I. Comets and Asteroids


1.1. How do shooting stars change our planet?



1.2. How do meteorites make our planet more “precious?” 



1.3. Can another ‘Chelyabinsk’ meteorite strike your city or town? 



1.4. Where does our water come from?



1.5. Can comets and meteorites make life contagious? 




Part II. The Moon


2.1. Is the Moon stretching your body every day?



2.2. Can the Moon make life on the Earth more complex? 




Part III. Planets


3.1. Can the positions of planets in the sky determine our fate? 



3.2. Can Mars and the Moon throw rocks at our planet? 



3.3. Is Jupiter guarding our planet?



3.4. What happens when planets refuse to go in circles




3.5. Rogue planets: why are they not welcome in our Solar System



Part IV. The Sun


4.1. Can we travel to the past without a time machine? 



4.2. Can the Sun fill our sky with clouds and send lightning to our planet? 



4.3. Should we worry when the Sun turns the Northern and Southern lights on? 



4.4. How does the Sun turn off GPS systems and cause blackouts on our planet? 



4.5. How does the Sun flood the city of Venice?



4.6. Can a solar grand minimum cause another ice age on our planet? 



4.7. What does the Faint Young Sun Paradox tell us about Earth climate theories? 




Part V. Stars


5.1. Can a supernova explosion destroy our Solar System? 



5.2. Exploding stars: are they good or bad for us?




Part VI. Our Galaxy


6.1. Can our galaxy cause havoc on the Earth?




Part VII. The Universe


7.1. What can dark matter and dark energy do to us? 




Part VIII. Life beyond the Earth


8.1. Can aliens from other planets knock at your door?